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Browse the posts from a single author in a long topic


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Here is an idea, maybe better suited for 3rd party plugin. Devs - feel challenged ?

Actually its not mine, I just read it from @Upgradeovec in another topic, but want to expand on it:

4 minutes ago, Upgradeovec said:

abilities to moving inside a big topic (hundred pages) from first staff post to next

I think such functionality can be huge! We all know that topics can get big and unmanageable. Typical scenario is 100 people asking questions, which are being answered by 2-3 experts. It will be great if we can easily browse only the "expert" answers in a long topic. It will make it much easier to comb through the haystack for valuable information.

How do you recognize whose post you want to read? Usually within the first or second page of a topic you can notice who is the person that you want to read more from - it can be the guy with the long, thoughtful answers, it can be the guy asking the same questions you are interested in, etc. 

I imagine that there will be a link in postbit or the bottom bar that will basically say "Read the next post from X in this topic" and clicking it will automatically scroll to the said post. 

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On 7/27/2018 at 4:17 AM, Fosters said:

I had something similar in mind for 

When you click on the top posters counter, it would show only these peoples posts



Can you add topic permissions feature? 

1. Once the topic author enabled permission feature(if don't want this feature leave the option disabled) , author can set:

     A. Choose who can participate in. 

     B. Administrators and only moderator of this forum can bypass this restriction.

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