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Future Ideas for Developers - Course Integration


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3 hours ago


Invisionzone is GREAT! That cannot be disputed. I thought I would share something with you...

I am sure you are aware of the explosion of online course selling. This is good and bad. Good when it is done well - bad (actually very bad) when people teach things they themselves do not know. This is all too common and the industry is going to be the same as YouTube where we have maybe 1 good video to about 10,000 pure rubbish. (mostly about cats and cucumbers - sorry if your a cat person - no offence meant) ? (I like cats)

There is an underlying trend to this course creation explosion that few have spotted and this trend it is going to emerge as the leading force. (this is where you come in)

But first....

I have been selling my courses for a long time - like I say things are a changing - that change is centered around 'community' Never before has the world had so much connectivity and never before have we endured such lonliness and isolation. The reason for this is because of 'social' media which we now have come to realise that there is nothing social about it at all.

We as humans crave the human aspect - the common touch - we like to be around people with like minded ideas - who talk our 'life' language so to speak. There is GREAT power to those that can provide this. Facebook in this respect is false - an taking a picture of your desert you are about it eat hoping for likes is meaningless drivel.

Why am I only now after years of being with you finally taking a close interest in you? Well because you are the future - 

I am taking my online courses and putting them on here behind a paywall - a membership. By doing this I lose a LOT of functionality of course software like Dripping Content - Quizzes etc but it is something I am willing to sacrifice to move forward with COMMUNITY COURSES.  Are you seeing this? 

Community courses are MUCH better than signing up for a course MUCH MUCH better. They fill that gap for 'social' interaction that pure course purchase cannot. Sure there are 'players' in this field who 'try' through their course delivery software to create community but they simply do not have what you have.

You are community FIRST and this is the power end of all marketing and success - especially important now given the world we live in today.

Take a look at Discourse. That is an 'interesting' change in forum - it crosses from pure forum to form + social forum / community. It will be interesting to see what happens with this in the future.

I believe that if you looked more into course delivery within what you have now - maybe as a paid add-on you would instantly have a very successful coming together of  powerful elements - those being SOCIAL+COMMUNITY+COURSES+LEARNING

I believe given your established record you would gain a massive following almost immediately.

Anyway just some thoughts - after a LOT of work and research.

All the very best


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There's a Learning Management System application currently under external development, Martin. OK, it's not the same as being a core feature of the product, which is what your feedback is aiming for, but I thought it might be of interest to you, given that this has been brought up before and doesn't seem to be central to IPS's plans.


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There's also existing Markerplace apps for Tutorials, Quizzes, Videos, etc.

You can connect with WordPress and install any LMS system you want.  

While it's a nice idea, I don't see IPS' core competency in offering an LMS.  

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While I don't think that IPS needs to make an LMS part of the core offerings, I do think it's a great thing that there will be a third party offering for this. It's not something everyone needs, but those who do typically struggle with existing solutions.

An LMS is far more than quizzes and videos and anyone with a need for an LMS knows what I'm talking about. An LMS is about education management, and if you're using IPS for your intranet or a private community where education and training are essential, then having an LMS as part  of IPS would be very important to reduce friction and the learning curve.

I hope the third-party LMS takes off, because I've had to figure out a number of LMS solutions for various intranets over the years and having a separate LMS tool is always problematic, no matter how good it is.

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