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Noticed issue with imageproxy not well suited for thumbnails


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imageproxy is great but doesn't work well for those of us who use small image thumbnails.

Normal attachment images can be setup to work well with thumbnails allowing small images to appear in the post that users then click on to enlarge.

However, imageproxy  cannot work under these conditions because unlike normal attachments it won't save 2 sizes.. it only saves the initial size (which is the size of the thumbnail.) and looks terrible in the post.  You can drag the little line to resize it but no matter what it's going to look badly. resizing it in the post from small to large makes the image useless.



I suggest imageproxy  be changed by IPB  to allow it to inline at full size, then we can just drag the little corner to resize it.  resizing it in the post from large to smaller is workable, with no quality loss.

worst case solution, at least change imageproxy to follow the same sizing rules as normal attachments.

Thank you ?

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On 7/28/2018 at 5:03 PM, Takohashi said:

I think that the "Maximum image dimensions to display" option is what you need. Just specify a small value there. This option creates thumbnails, and when you click on the image, it opens in the original size in a new tab.

That is what I am already doing. I do thumbnails on my site but image proxy doesn't work for sites doing thumbnails

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