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Subscription Manager: multiple paid subs to 2ary groups


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I was asked to put this request/suggestion here by the IPS support team

The new "subscription manager" requires an option, to promote members to a "secondary member group" without changing their "primary member group".
Edit: And I require to sell multiple, coexistant paid subscriptions (with secondary member group promotions).


  • I want to sell multiple paid memberships, that enhance each other, but don't have the same base functionality and permissions.
  • I have a complex member group setup, so my members aren't in 1 or 2 member groups, they are in many different groups that add special functionality to them (f.e. project managers, premium members 1, premium members 2, opted in to something, opted out from something...)

IPS told me, currently "member promotions to secondary member groups" are only possible via configuring a commerce store product.

Please add this feature to the nicely designed subscription manager, too.


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Thanks, I was confused about all my current support tickets ?

To clarify ->

I didn't mention in my start post, that I require multiple co-existant paid subscriptions, that promote to secondary member groups at once.

@Tom S. You are absolutely right. Thanks. Edited above ^^

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