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Clubs : making their content known.


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Hello ! ?

When clubs were created, they were invisible... Now we have a section at the bottom of our board which displays the clubs' topics (it's called Club Forums). But this is not a sufficient solution : it doesn't help making the board's members aware of the clubs' content.

When members connect to the board, the first thing they do is looking at the New Topic widget content. They don't go at the bottom of the board to see if there is new content in the clubs forums. Neither do I.

So, I think what should be done is allowing the clubs' topics to appear in the New Topics widget.

What do you think of this ?

Thank you. ?

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One of the challenges of clubs is that their nodes can be both distinct (club forum shows only in club) OR integrated (club forum shows in clubs and forums) depending upon the intention of the club owner and admin.  

This adds a layer of complexity to Clubs to integrate club content into the rest of the community.  This impacts all areas of content discovery: search, activity streams, widgets, displaying nodes on primary app, etc.  

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