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New sorting criteria: approval date


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As the title says. We have a pages database that users can submit articles and we need to approve them for publishing. What happens is that some users do it fast, get approval almost immediately and it pops in the latest content activity streams, gets all the views, click, comments and so on.

Other members take their time to create a well thought, elaborate article, edited for a few days and when they are ready for publishing their articles goes in to the n-th page oblivion of any activity stream as they are sorted by creation and not by published date. End result is that probably these users won't bother writing an article ever again. 

So here is my suggestion - make an additional sorting criteria called Approval Date. Should be available for both pages feeds and activity streams. 

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Kindly want to bump this. I noticed it as an issue on the marketplace here as well. Some plugins/apps are approved with delay, which makes them miss or almost miss their 15 minutes of fame on the "What's new" block.

I do check all my marketplace submissions of there is something that might interest me, but I only view the last app - If I have seen it before, I think that there are no new apps, so I dont scroll back. Occasionally I see new apps, which were submitted earlier, but approved later a bit back in the list. I don't think this is fair to their devs.  

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