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    • By LiquidFractal
      Hi all,
      I could be splitting hairs here, but is there an easy way to offer two different payment options with different costs for product X?  If I want to offer PayPal but pass PayPal's costs on to the client, is there a way to list both options for the same product without creating two different products, e.g. two options for product X: pay via bank transfer or PayPal?
      I suspect most people bundle this fee into their product cost across the board, but I thought I'd ask.
    • By Ocean West
      Had a user with an ad running my ads typically go thru Stripe. He wanted to use PayPal 
      It was a process is there an easier way to make such a conversion cancel the stripe subscription estimate the pro ration and start a new subscription on PP. with prorated amount?
      Probably not a common request but did it all manually it was crazy. 
    • By OctoDev
      Does anyone know how I could hook into the 'Approve' button in Transactions?
      So when I click approve, it would also send a request to my payment api to approve it if set in review.
      Was hoping there would be an alternative to public function refund( \IPS\nexus\Transaction $transaction, $amount = NULL )
      but for approval

    • By Chris027
      Hi Guys, is there any documentation about these login methods? 
      I have two Standard methods, both have drastically different options, and an Invision Community method. I have no clue what the differences are. 

    • By OctoDev
      Allow heavy customization of discounts. Kind of like a blueprint.
      Allowing us to add custom discounts if a client orders specific products, spend over certain amount and other criterias.
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