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Paragraph Format in WYSIWYG Editor h1 h2 etc?


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Hey Guys,

just wondering what your recommendation would be if you want to format your article or forum post with sub headlines.

Currently the WYSIWYG Editor does not seem to support setting a paragraph to <h1>, <h2> etc. and just allows a font size which I find a bit odd, since this will not work well when changing layouts.

Any suggestions? :)



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7 hours ago, Cyboman said:

If you have html access allowed ("source code" button in the editor), you can add the paragraph tags/classes directly in the code.

I do have that and currently use this, but its a pain in the behind... ?

7 hours ago, opentype said:

You can easily create a custom button in the ACP for the tags and/or classes you want allow – and even set permissions for it. 

NICE! Did never notice the tiny button that allows to add a custom one. THANK YOU!

Consider this case closed! NINE-NINE!

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