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Archiving old topics helps performance of forum ?


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Hi All,

I think we can Archive old topics through ACP > Community > Forums > Archive

But can you please throw more light on what Archiving does exactly ?

1) Does Archiving change URL structure of topics (for eg, making them .html) or it simply moves the topics to separated Archive table ?

2) Archived topics will display or not when we view the forum section of those topics ?

3) Can the Archived topics be Unarchived again by Root Admin ?

4) Can the Archived topics be edited/deleted by Root Admin ?

5) Can people access Archived topics through Google search ?

6) Will Archiving old topics improve forum speed ?

7) Any other things I should consider before Archiving ?

Thank You !


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3 hours ago, bfarber said:

Archiving topics lock them completely from new replies and other changes, and removes them from searches. It can help with performance by pushing posts out of the main posts table and the search index into a separate less-accessed table.

Thank You !

My doubt is if members only will not be able to edit/delete Archived topics ? or even ADMIN cannot do it ?

Can the Admin Unarchive it first and then be able to Edit/Delete it ?

And Archived topics has no effect (by any chance) on Google Search Results / Index ?

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Once it's archived, it's archived. Admins cannot edit it either. You can unarchive content, but that content is then flagged and never re-archived.

As for impact on SEO, the content will remain accessible to search engines, although there will naturally be fewer links to that content throughout the community.

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