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Is there a GeoIP rate limit on requests?


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I am working on an application that will be storing a large number of IP addresses from a variety of sources, but I'd like to be able to systematically update the IP's with their current country code.

First instinct is to use the \IPS\GeoLocation class, however, I will be making many calls to this API a day and I just want to check the rate limit before I do this.

I would prefer to be able to use this, but I could understand if you don't want this receiving an abundance of calls and I can look into an alternative.

Thank you.

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Not currently - the GeoIP data is cached for twelve hours, to the local database. That being said, however, I would definitely investigate alternative methods specifically for performance reasons, depending on the nature of the calls (thousands of calls to the database per hour, for instance, isn't great either).

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