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An argument for the return of IPS Connect

Dan C

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@Lindy and @Matt

I've seen you mention elsewhere on the forum that IPS Connect was retired in favor of OAuth; citing concerns over GPDR compliance issues.   

OAuth is not well suited for applications which run on the same site.   It doesn't provide a feature set which would allow a developer to seamlessly integrate two applications together.  OAuth was really designed with the idea in mind of linking together two applications which are running on completely different sites.

Applications running on the same site do not run afoul of GPDR because GPDR rules only apply to sharing data with third parties.

Please bring back IPS Connect.   

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IPS Connect was also designed for sites running on different servers. There were many reasons why we retired it (security being a big one) but really they both aimed to do the same thing, and OAuth has very much become the established standard for doing it.

Everything you could do with IPS Connect you should still be able to do - do you need help with anything?

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