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Autoloader and PSR4


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14 hours ago, bfarber said:

Are you having trouble presently with the autoloading?


composer packages that are psr4, can have a different file path than NS (where IPS's autoloader only takes the first bit of the NS and then uses the rest of the class called to load the file). a psr4 autoloader can rectify this. the one in IPS can not on its own. i would have to alter the file paths to the libs to get them to load properly and it would mean i would have to do this each time i upgraded them. the autoloader also isn't a 100% psr0 compliant either, as i have several psr0 libs i have to alter, giving them a NS, cause IPS autoloader expects at least 2 bits like (\NS\classname) to work properly, this is not the case in a psr0 autoloader. 


\Zend\Code\Generator\ClassGenerator -> /vendor/zendframework/zend-code/src/Generator/ClassGenerator.php

\Symfony\Component\Finder\Finder -> /vendor/symfony/finder/Finder.php

in its current form, the IPS autoloader with $PSR0Namespace wouldn't be able to resolve this. as for the example where its not PSR0 compliant, i have a lib erusev-parsedown, 

\Parsedown -> /vendor/erusev/parsedown/Parsedown.php

if i try to use it in the $PSR0namespace, like:

\IPS\IPS::$PSR0Namespace['Parsedown'] = MYPATH.'/erusev/parsedown/';

i get an error how its not found, and if i do this:

\IPS\IPS::$PSR0Namespace['Parsedown'] = MYPATH.'/erusev/parsdown/Parsedown';

i get the same eror, cause the autolaoder is expecting something like 


and it to be like this in the namespace var:

\IPS\IPS::$PSR0Namespace['Erusev'] = MYPATH.'/erusev/parsedown/';

This lib can be loaded by the composers autloader without issue, so the problem is the IPS autoloader isn't fully compatible with psr0 either. 

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