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Sorry I first posted it in a wrong area.


Pages -> Page Managment -> Blocks - Plugins


I want to show forum content on an external page using the  "external embed" function.

There is a choice of permission which is not clear enough for me.

How the permission are used.

Is the content which is generated in dependence of the user who is reading the feed and his role? 


What happens if I choose "guest" or "moderator" or "Admin" as a permission.


Is the content postet regardless of the user who reads the feed?

Or is the feed posted because of the user who will read this on an external page.


I tried to use it external but still it was not clear at all. Sometimes I got blank content sometimes not.


Here is the description of the function but no description of the permission


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As I see it (I could be wrong here!) if its being used 'externally' then there cannot really be any permission checks on it as there's nothing for it to read (cookies etc) to determine permission levels on who is viewing it. It would probably be best to regard any external** blocks as guest viewable.

** As in outside the suite directory by 'external'

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