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3 minutes ago, opentype said:

Yes, you can use categories.

Great news.

Would it then please be possible for you to login to our acp and do whatever configuration needs to be done to get this working?

When trying to add a review, there is no option to pick what you are trying to review in the add user review form.

I can pm access so you can review both front and backend

If you can login to our site you will totally understand what we are attempting to try and explain and probably fix in seconds.

Thanks in advance.




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We have given up trying to get one database with multiple categories working, started from scratch and have multiple databases now to achieve our goal which is a bit more messy but at least it is now functioning as we need.

We are trying to add a map to the entries but for some reason we are only getting the address showing as text - although we have it set to show map in the field settings.

What is the correct template key to add to the Display options tab so the map shows instead of the text? As we believe this could be the issue

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My colleague has just noticed one of our databases is not displaying correctly,

Neither show the map but everything else seems fine with our league one here:


But the tournament one is not showing the star ratings and for some reason instead of showing the user reviews it is showing text links to the the user reviews instead.


We have just been through comparing both and cannot see anything that looks different so could really do with your advice and input as to what we need to do please.

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15 hours ago, Unlucky said:

Neither show the map …

This is how I show the map on my demo page:



15 hours ago, Unlucky said:

We have just been through comparing both and cannot see anything that looks different so could really do with your advice and input as to what we need to do please.

Just make sure you have all the special field names set up or they won’t get the special treatment. 
Also, don’t forget to have all your databases chosen correctly in the plugin settings:

The first box must contain all your databases having the reviews. The second box must contain all your databases with the review objects. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Sorry to ask, but I tried mulitple times now to get the option 3 setup and running.

But I am still can't get it to work or I don't understand the correct working 😉

What I have done:

  1. Created two databases, one called bordspellen and the other one is called reviews.
    Both setup with the following settings:
  2. Created the link within the Review DB
  3. Setup de plugin SuperReview Settings

This gives me the a working page where I created a record (Boardgames) but there is nowhere I can add a review?

Hope you can help me with it?
Would love to create a boardgame database where people can leave reviews.



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22 minutes ago, Rob ter Linden said:

Can you notice anything I am doing wrong @opentype?

Nothing wrong. The link to create a review will be on the review database page, like with all Pages databases. 
Since you probably also want the same link on the Bordspellen page, copy it from the reviews database and add it manually to the boardspellen sub-menu, a block in the sidebar or something like that. 
(There will also be a link from each product page, but that only starts once there is at least one review linking in.)

Edited by opentype
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Hi @opentype  I'm aware I'm not always very smart when dealing with "pages stuff".
I've been considering to buy this system, but I have a doubt. 

Imagine I want to review items in Mode#2.  For example, a service.  Can I have categories on the right side of the page to sort them out?
Let me add an example. 

Imagine I want to review concerts. I'm the "expert" and I review the concerts I pay for. So I have/create categories, 12 categories that belong to months.  January, February etc.
So in January I create a record for a review with all the data from a concert. Well, in fact let's say I review 3 concerts in january. 2 concerts in february, 5 concerts in March etc..

Visitors should click on the category right side and select a month, and all the reviews of that month would appear listed. 
Would this be possible ? Maybe it's obvious, but I have serious issues with pages, it's difficult for me.

Thank you.

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  • 1 month later...

Hello, I want to try enable SuperReviews on my site. I dont have photos right now, but I can ask users to pick them.

Our reviews have many fields (like on screen2). Can we set it to show on main page (screen1) only content from one field and make other dissapear?




Ok, already found it 🙂

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Ok, now I how it can be related with problem. My field is "editor" type, not "text value". Can I somehow make it work? I have 5000 opinions in my db, I cant lose it.

Can I change type of this field in db to text (or text area?) safely? Or will I lost all my data from this field?

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