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Tab Ajax Bug?

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On ‎8‎/‎22‎/‎2018 at 8:49 AM, bfarber said:

Did you check if there were any javascript errors?

I finally got to checking this (after figuring out how in annoying Edge) and it's not showing any errors at all, all the while the dropdown, when expanded, has all of the page contents in that area block out the dropdown menu contents. (I got some access denied error once, but it was some sort of fluke, I guess).

This is really frustrating because all those issues with them using ajax made me take out the data- part as @HeadStandmentioned doing, but now with it not using that anymore, now this new issue happens.

Hmm now that I test, it's OPPOSITE of what I thought. In this case, it's the tabs "without" Table\Db content in them that causes this. The ones with Table\Db content all work. So it must be something related to my html in those other tabs...

So WITH ajax, I get the issues discussed earlier, where content totally goes into the wrong tabs and other issues. WITHOUT ajax, I get this issue in all of the tabs that didn't give me issues with ajax. lol.

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