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What we need to move forward


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Advanced Member locator with Notifications
* When a new member joins with in X amount or distance of me i want notified
* Forced GEOip location on registration - NO OPT OUT
* Online Communities must create Offline Resources
Real Mobile Push
no subscription service 
* no 3rd party
* self hosted
Earned advertising 
* a system where vendors and manufacturers earn and retain advertising space based on content contributions on the forums
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1. Join Tinder (or Grindr, no judgement from me).  Part of the point of online communities is that distance literally makes no impact to our communication.  You could be in a Minnesota gun group or a Norwegian gun group but still converse in online forums.  I'm not sure if locatin is a necessity for core community interaction.  (Don't get me wrong though.  There are some amazing use cases if we do have location data).

2. Totally agree.  

3. Links directory by @Adriano Faria

4. IP.Commerce includes Advertising.

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