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Migration tool (BBPress)

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26 minutes ago, albertocv said:

Hello, I use the cloud version of IP Board. I installed the Converter app. But it says that it's not updated. I clicked on the check updates button but it was not updated. 
How can I do it?


If you're using the Cloud version, you will need to ask Support about this as you don't have filesystem / direct database access to be able to do it yourself, as I do not think the convertor can read remotely across from another server (I'm not 100% on that I've not checked it recently) , but generally speaking you have the source (BBPress in this case) and the target (IPS Suite) on the same server, ideally in the same user account, the location of the source directory in the filesystem does not usually matter too much as the Converter only really needs to read any attachments from it.

Best option: Open a ticket in the Client Area as you're Cloud based for up to date information on how. If you were self-hosted I could go into details on it but it won't be too helpful at this moment. :) A support tech will be able to tell you your options. :smile:

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