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There can add more information? 

A. A member icon, after touch it show a list(like the menu) members that posted messages. Touch the member will show their posts in the topic. 

B. A file icon that contains images, videos or files uploaded in this topic, so give a quick access way for upload files. IMG_20181129_222631.thumb.jpg.6f3a6e8bb97e0bde2d6b07b69bf512df.jpg


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Font size :

the font size of content is a little smaller, maybe can give it 1 or 2 px more? Or change to other that can be read with more visibility? 

Font color:

Maybe can give it a little more intensive of color, I mean right now the color match with the entire website color, but all our value are contents, so make sense playing the color to give it more attractive. Maybe we can thinking about WordPress themes by reference in this topic. 

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Suggest, forum grid view:

I alway think about this grid view is a little boring, because they alway will be the same position, what happen if the forum I have to participate locate muy abajo? Tendré que bajar siempre y buscar ese forum. Cree que puede aplicar un filter by Last Activity para los bloques de Forums? Así la página se siente más vida porque el bloque que tiene recién post va posicionando arriba.

So each time when user enter to forums page will can see by first view, forums that heaving more activities. 

The clubs have this feature. 


About the font size, visibility and contrast, the www.condominioweb.com/forum have a good design for reference. 

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Hello, I have a suggestion to make. I'm not sure whether this is theme-specific or something that applies to IPB as a whole?

When I am on a user's profile, I would like the ability to open that profile in the AdminCP in order to edit usergroups and ban, etc via a button next to the 'Edit Profile' button. Is this possible?

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On 10/29/2018 at 11:11 AM, Heosforo said:

Hello @Namo

Unfortunately no, he didn't pass the love test. 💔

This will be the next release:

05.thumb.jpg.e6b7fa40798bba7badaa919d2fc1e12c.jpg01.thumb.png.f5bd4e8883fe625e6f7fc23e9e864468.png 02.thumb.jpg.16d02a1107116bb0a7c7aaeff32c2ec2.jpg03.thumb.png.e94be84d3b2ac8888df3a9bba96f63ff.png04.thumb.png.91c4c41bf82d94ce98f143c8c99d7e28.png

I hope to have it ready this week.



I want to buy the Orion with the belt of mind footer and mind jquery particles header, how do I ¿¿¿¿¿😀

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The problem is within your 3rd-party custom Theme, "Chocolate". Something within it is causing that 500 Error. You'll need to contact its author for assistance in fixing the error it is causing.

It may not be compatible with IPS v4.3.6 and the author might have an update for it.

I have created a new "4.3 Default" Theme and set it as the default, and set it as the default Theme, and the front end is working now.


Mark Higgins
Invision Power Services, Inc.

On 2/4/2019 at 2:49 AM, lakerslanditalia@gmail.com said:

No more support? I would like to know it before dropping 30$ 😅


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