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What is the best way to update the data?


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I need to update some number on the landing. This number is the database counter. On the page open this counter loaded well. Then for the live update, I created a simple controller JS, which get ajax front public url to get a new number. Obviously, it's very stupid way. Smarter and modern way is using special technology like a WebSockets (or long pooling). For WebSockets, we need a special daemonized service (for example, written in Python or PHP Daemon framework). But it looks too hard and monstrous for this task. As I see IPS used long pooling for notifications. Can somebody advise me how to use this internal ready system for clean and simple resolve needed task? Create a new inline notification and redefine it - looks ok, but get a lot of pains. First, of them - my system should work for guests too and other things.

So... I'll be happy by any proposals) Thanks!

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