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Managing Translation language strings


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I currently have 969 pages of language strings, so when I want to single out a certain app whose strings I want to edit I obviously want to be able to get right to it and view its language.

So I think that something like an "view Apps/Plugins only" filter would be good - or better yet, when one clicks the settings wheel in the Search field, being able to type the app/plugin and have it dynamically appear (like the way once chooses users) would save a lot of time in bringing up all the strings for a single app/plugin.

Actually, in trying to get to a specific app, I'm on page ~100.  The descending listing (Z...A) I have configured seems to jump from "Points Economy" to "Advanced URL Paths"! And I haven't yet gotten to "L" in Apps, which is what I'm after.  Are there sorting issues here?

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