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MariaDB and IPB 4 Pro and Cons over MySQL

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Hi Guys I am trying to install IPB 4 using runcloud.io  

it comes with MariaDB 1:10.2.16+maria~bionic and no support for mysql .

I am just wondering what will be cons of using MariaDB over Mysql ? Becuase i guess IPB team is alos using mysql instead of MariaDB ? will IPB 4.3.4 works fine with MariaDB 10.2.16 ?

or i will facing  issues with IPB 4.3.4 and its plugins with mariaDB 

Anybody switch database from mysql to MariaDB what kind of pro and cons he/she faced please share your experience.

Any performance  and optimization tips or tricks  for using MariaDB with IPB 4

I would be highly thankful to you for help :)




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I can't say anything about your specific setup (don't know what "bionic" is), but I am currently using IPB 4.,3.4 with MariaDB 10.2.16 and have had no problems whatsoever.  On the advice from some people here in the know, I converted to MariaDB from mySQL as MariaDB is a better developed fork (and if I remember correctly Oracle bought mySQL, so some are wondering about its future).

Again, there are others here who know much more than I do, but the only thing I had to do was convert all my tables to InnoDB, which is a more secure and reliable format.  Your DB will grow in size, but for many here it's worth the tradeoff.

So no, no problems with MariaDB so far as I've ever seen (and I have lots of third-party apps and plugins).

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