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When it's worth using the Elasticsearch engine?

Daniel Simoes

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I have read about the implementation of ElasticSearch and I have some doubts.
Among other things, I saw that it is difficult to stipulate the ideal configuration, it is necessary to get some data from it in order to be able to configure it correctly.

But before doing anything I hava some questions...

We have 133k active users per month in the forum, our database does not have 2GB at the moment ..
When is it worth using it?

Should I hire a new hosting service for it or can I use the same server with more memory?
Follow our current configuration
vCPUs: 4
Memory: 8 GB

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Same or less users, larger database, I think. Although I'd think the key variable is how many searches are getting run. 

The Elasticsearch console literally has a drop-down menu to use to switch instances - it couldn't be easier. I'd start with the smallest and see what happens. 

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