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Unless I misunderstand what you are looking to do, that is exactly how it works.

If you set a category to not be viewable to anyone in a particular group, they will not be able to see any of the forums in that category either. I just tested this myself and it works as expected.

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Yeah, that's not how Categories work. That sounds like it would save some time, but also add some new settings complications:

1) Admins might mistakenly assume that the settings apply somehow to the category itself (meaning that you could post directly to a category for example).

2) Settings inheritance would become confusing. For example, do the Category settings take 100% precedence over per-Forum settings or would the settings of the Category only provide a maximum ceiling for settings in the Forums in that Category so that a Forum could be more restrictive than the Category it is in but not less restrictive. Or would Forums settings always override the Category settings unless the Forum was set to inherit the settings from the parent setting?

For now, you'll have to change settings for each Forum separately except for visibility.

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