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Just touching base on this topic as I've just had to do this myself as I merge three 15+ year old communities in to one including a Wordpress with nearly 2000 records converted to Pages.

1) Create Database
2) Create Fields
3) Check old Database Field Names (ie field_28)
4) In the AdminCP go to the new database and hover over the edit field button, you will see the Field ID in the URL.
5) Update old Database field Name (ie: field_28 now is called field_70).
6) Once completed, for the sake of visual clarity I reordered the table index as well.
7) You can now easily export from the old in to the new.

Migrating the comments is actually really easy, they're simply tied to the Database ID and the Record ID, so changing those two values will have them appear on the new record/entry.

Using something like TablesPlus and a BIG wide screen really helps, it was infinitely faster than attempting on the laptop screen 🙂

Your distance may vary, moving them from a 'TEMP' category to the category I wanted also seemed to clean up any 'last post' and front index issues. 

Backup before you do any of this, I also clone the tables I'm editing as well so I can be as destructive as needed.  I don't know any side effects yet but so far it seems to be working 😄 



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