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Problem with Tax class in emails


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Since I upgraded to 4.3.3 the tax class in invoices by email, show something that looks more like an auto-generated password (it varies in each one too) instead of the name of the tax class, which in my case it should be GST.


The problem only happens in the emails, in the actual order on my site, and anywhere I could look at, it's fine.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

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Well, I solved it going back to using the language pack I had.

I've been using a copy of the default English one to create an English AU one (with very few changes other than the locale). That was for 4.2 without any problems,

When I upgraded to 4.3, I created a new copy of the default thinking I needed to, and that new English AU copy was the one creating these problems.

I disabled it and went back to use the copy I had for 4.2, and that's fine, I haven't noticed any problem (emails are certainly back to normal).

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