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Feature Request: don't let people hide entire threads!

Scott VZ

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The admin tools for allowing a group to hide content look like this:


  • If I uncheck the circled box and save, users cannot hide individual posts within a thread OR the thread itself.
  • If I check the circled box and save, users can hide individual posts and the thread itself (assuming they created the thread).

I want to allow my members to hide individual posts, but I don't want to let them hide an entire thread (even if they started the thread). Some users abuse their ability to hide threads - they'll hide the thread if it goes in a direction they weren't intending, someone says something they don't like, etc.

For example:

  1. User A posts a thread
  2. Users B, C, and D reply to it
  3. User A decides to hide the thread for whatever reason
  4. Users B/C/D cannot see their replies anymore. The entire community is confused about why the thread disappeared & accuse moderators of unnecessary censorship.

Is there a plugin or setting that would prevent users from hiding threads, while still allowing them to hide individual replies? If not, anyone interested in building this?

Open questions:

  1. Should we let people hide the OP? I'd assume no (but any reply can be hidden).
  2. What if someone tries to hide the OP before anyone has replied? I think this would be fine either way.
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