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How long should support be "in progress"


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I have an urgent issue that had a support ticket submitted May 30th.  I paid for "priority" support.

I have seen the status of my request marked as "in progress" for quite some time now.

I am wondering, is it really being worked on or did it fall through the cracks? I am afraid to bump the support thread as I think it might place me in the back of the line.

Anyone have a similar experience? What is a normal wait time?

Thank you ?

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2 minutes ago, AlexWright said:

It depends. If it was raised to Tier 3 support, those are usually the Very Involved (tm) fixes, and those can take some time.

yeah, it's Tier 3.

So they are probably working on it?

 it's been marked "in progress" for a few days. Sitting there looking at it with no additional feedback, it's hard not to wonder if everything is moving along or not.

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I don’t know what I am doing wrong. It seems almost impossible to get support. 

It takes a long time between minor responses from the support team. This is moving at a snails pace!

i have been pushed back down to tier 2 to boot. 

This cant be the intended priority support experience.  ?

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I believe that Tier 3 don't work at weekends, so it's not surprising that there was no progress between your post on Friday and today. If it's been bumped down to Tier 2, then I would think it means the Tier 3 team have had a look, got an idea of what the problem and solution could be, and determined that Tier 2 would be the appropriate level to apply the fix.

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