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How to change text input placeholder on the radio toggle?


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            new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Radio('something', null, true, [
                'options' => [
                    'opt1' => 'val1',
                    'opt2'   => 'val2',
                'toggles' => [
                    'opt1' => ['text_container'],
                    'opt2' => ['text_container']
        $form->add(new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Text('text_input_id', null, true,
                'placeholder' => \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->get('text_input_placeholder'),
                'minLength'   => 1,
                'maxLength'   => 14,
            function ($val) {
                // not interesting
            }, null, null, 'text_container'));


Can i set different placeholder on text input depending on current radio option selected? Or i can do it only with javascript way?


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22 minutes ago, Joy Rex said:

Since you're talking about changing the placeholder text based on the current radio button choice, jQuery/Javascript would be the only way to do that as the user changed the radio button selection.

Thanks for support my assumption. Already start doing in this way

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