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Distinct Commerce coupon codes for new registrations


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Just a suggestion after talking to IPS support... Since you guys have such a great forum system with the unique addon feature of also being a commerce platform, why not further the integration and provide an additional compelling reason for potential members to register by allowing IPS owners to allow distinct discount code to be embedded in welcome emails?

Having a feature to offer XX% coupon code upon registering  and confirming an email address is fairly standard for most online shops these days. Having a similar feature for when a person registers on the forum is a no brainer and not available anywhere else. Perhaps modifiers to expend this might be to *reward* new (and old members) by issuing an auto email with distinct coupon code after XX time and/or XX reputation points and/or XX posts, etc.

Anyhow, this would be a huge feature as we try attract new registrants and figure many other board owners would really appreciate it.

Thanks for hearing me out and keep up the great work.

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