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Recommend File Storage Settings, S3


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im using S3 to store all pictures and attachements uploaded. Im not sure about the rest of the settings, since i dont really know what they are doing/storing and in what way im helping my server to perform better.

Ive read into 

 but most of the things arent updated.


Any suggestions to what i should definitly put on S3 and what not?

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It's completely up to you what you want to store on S3, your server's storage space, and your delivery settings.  Keep in mind that S3 is also only useful if you have an excess amount of content that you want to offshore.  It does NOt make your website load faster.  In fact, hosting on S3 may even slow down your website unless you implement a content distribution network to deliver your content.

S3 is only storage at one of their data centers.  It does not include delivery, so you'll need to balance the costs of adding on content delivery  networks on top of S3 versus serving the files directly from yoir server.  You may also want to keep critical core files like theme files on the server and push non-critical items like attachments to S3.  

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