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Nexus money JSON


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I'm working to a bulk importer, I've a field that store Price(2):

Hello world,This is an example,44

In the db table the price is stored as:


I need to recreate manually this json using \IPS\nexus\Money object?

that with Simply json_encode give:


I recreate the json with:

$item->price = '{"'.\IPS\nexus\Customer::loggedIn()->defaultCurrency().'":'.json_encode($price).'}';

But I suspect that there are a better way.

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array( 'USD' => array( 'amount' => 44, 'currency' => 'USD' ) );

This is the array format you need to get that JSON string.


Based on your code above I think you can simply do:

$item->price = json_encode( array( \IPS\nexus\Customer::loggedIn()->defaultCurrency() => $price ) );


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