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AdminCP issue when searching for members? (Resolved)


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I have a problem when I try to search for members in the AdminCP. Is this a bug, or am I doing it wrong? I am using IPS 4.3.3...

When I go to the list of members in the AdminCP and want to search for, let's say, all members that have more than 1000 posts, I open the box that allowes me to customize what I am looking for and all I change is the following:


There are definetly members with more than 1000 posts, so the results should come up with users. However, this is what I get:


No results.

Then I tried something else: I created a new user, named him 'test' and then went to the member list in the AdminCP to search for the user with the display name 'test'. I entered the name in the box at the upper right and this is what happened:

The list with all (!) of my users did not change at all! Despite what it says in the notice ('View full list'...) I already see the full list. Nothing has happened at all, although I have entered 'test' as the username that I am looking for.


Why is this happening? Is there some secret to the search that I have not discovered yet? I am confused...

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8 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

Could you please run the support tools and apply the patches if there are any

That actually helped, thanks! Search seems to work again now.

The fixes that are being provided via the support tools, will they be included in the next update and is this just a way to roll them out a bit earlier? So in other words: Is it always a good idea to search for updates via the support tools? I am asking because I did a quick update check on the page with the installed appilations, and of course no other version than 4.3.3 showed up there.

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