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Awesome Member Hovercards

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AMH 10 submitted. Available when approved. Contains the following:

  • NEW! Added template and custom language string for yearbook quote edit form.
  • FIX! Modified permissions on AMH popup so the gear menu containing mod actions does not appear when the AMH card belongs to a moderator or admin
  • NEW! Added option to insert current browsing location into card. Members logged in anonymously excluded of course.
  • FIX! Wiping out your yearbook quote now resets things correctly.
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Been on a bit of break for awhile. Will take a bit to catch up on emails and pms and so on (note - this still might take a few days). Anyhoo, the first update of many of my apps and plugins for 4.6 (fyi just about everything is "fine" if you are upgrading - nothing has exploded on my end at least)

This is in the approval hopper so you'll see it when you see it.


Yes, you can still output profile fields of your choice. Naturally, as you can see, you might want to reconsider what you stick from the profile on here as it may just blow out the display. Probably best to just output small things instead of long things.

Customize the badge count on the card, height of the cover photo, a few other things. I *will* be sticking in a dark-mode for these sometime... it's on the list. Beyond that, I had some thoughts while upgrading this and any steps forward feature-wise will probably push this over into a new app. Fairly warned be thee says I.

Now to give the Sound Board people some news...

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Is there a way to disable this plugin for x theme only? Or a way to disable background image/avatar from showing?
It would be used on SFW mode. Here is a code we had before to hide the avatars etc:


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