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re-arrange Admin CP Menu

Luke Daley

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hey, guys,


I'm fairly sure this is an easy one I just can't seem to find a setting! 

I'm looking to re-arrange my Admin CP tabs so that the dashboard is the first thing that appears (since that's the important one..) presently my donation app is popping up top and it's not where I want it to be (since it will never be touched now it's setup

only a minor issue but nagging me everytime i pop into the admin CP, my demo install of IPB the app was at the bottom so it wasn't an issue, I'm just not sure what actually controls the order!

this is the area I'm looking to re-arrange (just put cog system at the top instead of the $)



thanks in advance! unfortunately, don't know the correct name of this side-bar-tab-window-menu thing so my searches have been fruitless thus far!





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