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Email SMTP services? Sendinblue experiences?

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After 4.3, I run the Sparkpost SMTP service.  Sending emails takes quiet some time (like 10 hours) to 6300 recipients. We email everyone about once a week, i.e. 25.000 emails per month.

We would need something quicker and consider Sendinblue SMTP with the dedicated IP plan (108€ per year), for a reliable service.

Anyone with experience from Sendinblue? Or are there other reasonably priced alternatives with dedicated IP plans?

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The php method is fine if you know that you must have a clean ip and know how to configure the related dns settings, rdns, spf, dkim e.t.c

Then there is the alternative solution to use the SMTP paid service that each company take care the ip reputation so you will get the inbox always and avoid the spam folder.

Sometimes you may need to buy an extra private ip to be sure that no one else on the shared ip do something wrong and get that ip at the spam list until the company replace it with a new one...

Also Amazon ses is a good solution but a bit limited for starters if you have a lot of users like 1.000.000 ..... You start low with them and then you grow....

Everyone should research on that as there is no one solution for all...

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