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I had foreseen 4.3.X translation to be reviewed


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I had foreseen that the "%s" symbol attached to the word would have been a disaster. I do not know how to read in English, but in Italian it is a piece of rubbish (do not be offended, but it is so). I had to redo everything, a huge job, but the various explanations that you gave me in the other discussion were vague, and I think that in English you will have problems, because the symbol "%s" should be detached from any word, otherwise prove me the opposite.


Avevo previsto che il simblo "%s" attaccato alla parola sarebbe stata un disastro. Non so in Inglese come si potrebbe leggere, ma in Italiano è una porcheria (non offendetevi, ma è così). Ho dovuto rifare tutto, un lavoro immane, ma le varie spiegazioni che mi avete dato nell'altra discussione sono state vaghe, e penso che anche in Iglese avrete dei problemi, perché il simbolo "%s" va staccato da qualsiasi parola, altrimenti dimostratemi il contrario.

Here is an example:

Group manually changed%s from %s to %s. In Italian it would be "Gruppo modificato manualmente da%s da %s ad %s." Gruppo modificato manualmente daEnzo(%s) da utente(%s) ad Ammnistarore (%s).

daEnz  is not good, it should be "da Enzo".

The attachment is another example, which I later corrected to: "Nuova foto del profilo caricara dall'utente" " New profile photo uploaded%s."



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3 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Report it to support via your client area. This is definitely the wrong forum for you to post in (it's for posting support topics for marketplace items) and you are not going to be guaranteed that someone from IPS is going to see it.

No ticket, it was better to specify that not only are users of English Linga to buy the software, it is easy to leave the user and say "they are yours, arrange, in English everything is ok", I had already proposed this problem, but the answers were vague.


Nessun ticket, era meglio specificare visto che non sono solo utenti di linga Inglese ad acquistare il software, è semplice lasciare l'utente e dire "sono fatti vostri, arrangiatevi, in Inglese è tutto ok", io avevo già proposto questo problema, ma le risposte sono state vaghe.

A translation is a market article or you have not noticed it yet!

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