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What am I missing? Why can't I create Albums/select Category


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I feel like i'm missing something painfully obvious for these...


If i try to upload an image from the main Gallery landing page, I can't select any category:


And if i start from within a category, I never get the option for Albums as shown here, even though i have "require album" selected:



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27 minutes ago, steve00 said:

Prob a silly question but obvious ... have you set correct permissions ?

Not silly at all - but i think i have?

Here's the "Members" group:


Here's a Category's permissions, though all have the same:


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4 hours ago, Daniel F said:

Please take a look at the group settings, not the node permissions.

Thanks Daniel & @steve00


I assumed incorrectly about permission inheritance. I had Members allowed to create albums, but not Admins specifically.


Allowing Admins fixed it. Amateur mistake ?

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