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Custom social media share image per topics


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I would like to see the ability to override the theme's default 'share logo' which embeds into the social media's meta.

By default you can only have one, if you share a lot of links via Facebook or Twitter - the chances are after awhile people will just overlook the discussion/topic solely based on the repetitive image.

I would like to see a setting added to the content screen when posting or editing a topic, which would allow us to upload a custom 'share logo' i.e meta image, if no image is uploaded by default the generic one uploaded in the default themes settings will be used. However, if a custom image is uploaded to the topic - this would be the chosen image to be seen inside the meta on Facebook and Twitter. The image uploaded wouldn't be visible within the topic itself and, it wouldn't appear on the forum. It would be a discrete custom share logo, aimed solely to increase fan engagement by making key discussions stand out more.

I'm hoping other IPS clients will see the benefit of such mod, as I think the current way is great but for a more personalised look - I do feel this would gain more visibility to those key discussions we site owners want our social media to engage more closely with.

If you are interested drop your thoughts below, if you like the idea give my comment a thumb up - this will highlight the interest.

What do you think @newbie LAC?

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