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Withdraw Post Option


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Just noticed this on Cloudflare Forum, the ability for a member to withdraw their post automatically after a given time.

Once they request it to be removed, it is put into a deletion queue unless it is reported (I guess).

This would save a lot of 'Can up remove my post please;' Private Message

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1 hour ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Or you could just enable the ability for the user to hide or delete their own content, which is already available? I'd personally do Hide instead of Delete, which allows mods/admins to see the post within the topic's context.


Not the same thing, this just allows the member to hide the post. Withdrawing a post will put a message (in place of the removed post) on the forum stating that the member has deleted this post and will be removed within a certain time frame. So, basically it doesn't look like the mods have gone crazy and started deleting members posts.

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