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Cookie Notice does not install properly

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Hi there,


we are still running a ip board 3.4.x and we want to migrate soon to 4.x

Anyway we wanted to display cookie notices to the users in the old board and I downloaded Cookie Notice 3.0.5 and tried to install the hook. The installation gives no error message, but somehow the hook does not show up properly. See attached image. In the lower part of the attached image you can see (above the line "Contact form - Bottom link"), that there was a hook added today at 7:15, but there is no title and no fields filled, when you edit the properties.

On the download page it said "Compatible: 4.2". Does that mean, that it is not downward compatible to 3.x?

An if so: Any hint, where I can download a hook that shows cookie notices to users, that is compatible with 3.4.x?

Thanx for your help!

Cookie Notice.png

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