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External connections not working


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Got this error message in acp (Connections to external websites are not working. This can cause problems with third party services. You should contact your hosting provider to ask for this problem to be resolved.), any ideas? My hoster can't tell me what's wrong based on this error message. 

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26 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Ports 80 (http) and/or 443 (https) have been blocked outgoing?

Seems so, my hoster mentioned something with outgoing https and some programs on the server might be too old. He offered moving to a new server.

Will do this. But why is this now a problem, before I didn't have this issue. Has something being changed on 4.3.1 or 4.3.2?


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4 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Ask your host.....they're the ones blocking it.

I did, they will move to a new server.

4 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

What you are seeing happened in earlier versions too - easy to reproduce by simply blocking outgoing 80/443.

After some researching I guess IPS changed something with the cURL requirements in latest builds or disabled the fallback option. 

On previous IPS releases and the same server, checking for upgrades and licence validation) has worked.

On 3/31/2016 at 10:55 AM, Mark said:

IPS Community Suite sometimes needs to make external connections to other web servers, for example:

  • To embed videos from YouTube, etc. when the URL is pasted into the editor.
  • To validate the CAPTCHA on the registration page.
  • To use the Chat application which uses our servers.
  • To integrate with third party services like Facebook/Twitter/Google/etc login, AWS, VigLink, Mandrill.
  • To process payments in Commerce.
  • To check for updates and use the auto-updater.
  • To do any RSS or iCal imports you've set up.
  • To show the IPS Latest News in your Admin CP.
  • Lots more.

We prefer to use the cURL extension to do this, which is specifically for such things. If cURL isn't installed on the server though, we can fallback to an alternative method where we open a connection and send a manual HTTP request to the server.

If you contact your hosting provider they should be able to install it for you - it's a very common extension and I'm surprised to hear some hosts wouldn't have it enabled.

Now my question is, without a licence verification I can't manual upgrade to 4.3.3? Do I have to wait for my new server? Thanks.

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