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Time difference (timezone problems)

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We have an issue in one of our forums, where on a post it fx. says "Written 31 minutes ago"(translated from Danish), but when you hover the same text with the mouse you get a date and time popup that is 2 hours ahead of the actual time in Denmark. So there seem to be a timezone issue. It seems like something that has occurred after having updating to one of the latest stable forum releases(4.3.0-4.3.2). 

I had the same kind of issue - the other day - when pulling a post's date using the REST-api. Temporarily I have solved that by accessing the unix timestamp directly in the database with custom code and database access, instead of accessing the date string I get from the REST-api.

It is probably a configuratioScreenshot_2.thumb.png.8f10273545713f717bc2fef7dc118ee6.pngn issue, but I cannot figure out where to fix it. Please help.

Thank you so much in advance.

❤️ Maya


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4 hours ago, Takohashi said:

A small update with fixing this timezone-bug was available in "ACP → Support → Something is not working correctly". But now you can just upgrade to version 4.3.3, which includes fixing this bug.

I just updated to 4.3.3, because I saw this line in the release notes: "Fixes an issue where Calendar events submitted in different timezones to the user may show at the wrong time.". I thought maybe that fix would fix our issue too. It just hasn't. I have updated the cache, but still this issue is present.

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