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Queue task return offset bad comparison


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I would suggest to improve following code:

/* Task completed successfully and a new offset was returned - store the value and then return it */
$newData = json_encode( $json );
/* Did it change?? */
if ( $newData !== $json )
	$queueData['data'] = $newData;
	\IPS\Db::i()->update( 'core_queue', array( 'data' => $newData ), array( 'id=?', $queueData['id'] ) );

FIX: $newData !== $queueData['data']

tested with 4.3.1

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1 hour ago, bfarber said:

Can you say why?

string is not equal to object, and also if you do

$newData !== json_encode($json)

it is a no sense, the purpose is another (compare new data with older changed by Reference after "run" is called)

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