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Clubs - provide ‘disable further posts/contributions’ option


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We propose to provide a ‘Private & read-only for all/disable all further posts/contributions’ option. We believe there could be a frequent use case for this at the end of the life cycle of private clubs. 

When private clubs come to the end of their active period, there may often be a need to ‘freeze’ contents - i.e. keep them accessible to club members but disable further posts/contributions. This would give club members the opportunity to go back to discussions; but the moderators would no longer need to monitor what goes on in the club since no new activities are allowed.

We are aware that there is currently a Privacy level ‘Read only’. The ‘read-only’ title appears to refer to the fact that the contents visible for everyone, but read-only to non club-members. So this feature does not meet the requirements outlined above

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My requirement is similar: 

Creating a club is a paid subscription plan feature on my site. As soon as the paid subscription ends, it should freeze the club similar to as mentioned above. No more content creation, no more admin/leader control, no more invitations nor approvals of memberships.

After renewing the paid membership, the owner/leader are granted permissions again.

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