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"The date you requested appears to be invalid"


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I just did a fresh test installation of IPS 4.3.2 (localhost, XAMPP), no plugins, default theme, everything as is. Now I wanted to do some testing regarding translations, so I created a new language in the AdminCP (By the way: Is there no way to enter the Locale manually anymore? For example "en-US" or "en_US"? All I can do is choose a country name...).

When I go to the frontend and open the default calendar page, the calendar shows up. However, when I change the language to the new one via the menu in the footer (no translation done yet), it instantly shows the following error on the calendar page: "The date you requested appears to be invalid" When I switch the language back to default English, the calendar shows up again.

The calendar page is the only page that comes up with an error. Every other page is showing up correctly.

Any idea why this is happening or how I can make the error go away?

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I think this has to do with some misconfiguration of XAMPP. I have no clue though where to look for settings regarding date, time and whatnot that might affect my IPS localhost installation... I haven't touched these in the first place... :unsure:

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Thanks Sonya but that didn't work. The php.ini now says:

; Defines the default timezone used by the date functions
; http://php.net/date.timezone
date.timezone = "Australia/Melbourne"

My Language settings show, and note this problem only started happening when I edited these settings from the default:


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