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Why can't a WYSIWYG block look like a system block?


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Why can't I make a block, using embed or with the editor either in the Admin CP or on the front page that looks like a system block so I have the choice of making it fit in?

example, if I use the editor to make a block, why not have an option for a block title that fits in with the rest of the blocks?



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If I understand correctly, you can do this. I do it on mine.

<h3 class="ipsType_reset ipsWidget_title">TITLE</h3>
<ul class="ipsDataList">
		<li class="ipsDataItem">
				<div class="ipsDataItem_main ipsPos_middle ipsType_normal">

I used the above code to make a 'welcome' block, to encourage first posts:


Notice that the title bar and text are formatted the same as the lower two blocks in that image, which are both existing blocks provided with the platform.

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