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PhpMyAdmin Analyze Explain at MariaDB.org produces no output

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Hi all,

In phpMyAdmin there is an option called Analyze Explain at mariadb.org to output a query result (via a hideously long url)  at 


However after running a query, using the Explain option, when I use the option to use Explain Analyser at MariaDB (I'm using 10.2) it always shows an empty box.

I think phpMyAdmin is supposed to populate the field possibly using an API so you can run it for convenience but it never worked on previous versions when I was originally using mysql 5.6.

Anyone ever got it to actually work or anyone know how to use this tool from phpMyAdmin, please? It mentions pasting output from the MySQL command line but that's so much more time consuming to get working than just using PhpMyAdmin to explain a query.

Thank you.

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