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Skinning In 4.X

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A lot of html just doesn't show up in mobile modes, etc.... despite me having no "hide" ie "show" options in. For instance, a sidebar with links.... In mobile mode, down below the rest of the page, it has the title of the sidebar, then nothing below it, ie no links showing up. There must be more to showing and hiding content in 4.x than those class options?

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I was more asking in general how is anything disappearing when I have no hide options being used?

But here is what I did. I enabled the sidebar and then in my sidebar template I had the following:

<div id='elSomethingLinks' class='ipsWidget ipsWidget_vertical ipsBox'>
	<h3 class='ipsType_reset ipsWidget_title'>{lang="whatever"}</h3>
		<div class='ipsPad'>
			<div class='ipsSideMenu ipsAreaBackground_reset'>
				<ul class='ipsSideMenu_list'>
						<a href='' class='ipsSideMenu_item'><strong class='ipsType_normal'>{lang="link_home"}</strong></a>

 ... etc ...

Basically same html I had seen in some other sidebar template in the first party apps. A sidebar of links, but the links disappear when in a mobile mode. The title above the sidebar still shows up, just nothing below it.

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Just now, bfarber said:

Because .ipsSideMenu_list is hidden on mobile by default. Don't use those CSS classes and the links won't be hidden.

Just beat me as found following in menus.css

	/* Non-JS fallback */
	.ipsSideMenu .ipsSideMenu_title,
	.ipsSideMenu .ipsSideMenu_subTitle,
	.ipsSideMenu .ipsSideMenu_list {
		display: none;


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Just curious, btw, how did that class use js to begin with? I guess I'm just not seeing it due to my personal usage? This is what sucks about me having to basically just look at other examples and try the html is then it's not clear what each class is doing to affect it and there are so many classes. I can't think of and example of js being used in the side menu, though, or why a list would be good to hide. I guess the list they were hiding wasn't as important of a list as my navigation one.

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