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Menu manager not working


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At least since the upgrade to Invision Community v. 4.3.2 I experience problems with the menu manager.

Though I can add a new item, I am not able to activate certain settings as the window right of the menu list does not show anything I could activate. Further, the live preview does not work, too.

I tried it using the browsers Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Has this already been reported as bug? And, if so, are you already working on this problem?


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My 4.3.2 installation does not have this problem. I would recommend you use the support button in your admin cp under system to get someone at IPS to assist you, as it seems something is wrong about your installation.  

Have you tried inspect element and go to the chrome console to see if you notice any strange errors?

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37 minutes ago, Nobiliana said:

Okay, I check it. Apparently there is a problem with mixed content and HTTPS. I recently had a SSL-certificate added to my website. Though I do not know how to fix this.


Did you change your base url in the config.php file to use https as well?

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