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Microsoft Edge refresh problem or IPS bug?


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Hello, I have upgraded my IPS 4.3.1 forum to 4.3.2 two days ago. All went fine. However, yesterday, while browsing the forum using Microsoft Edge I have encountered the following problem: the browser freeze then refreshes the tab (with my forum topic opened) at random time.

I noticed that happens only in topics, and only if i'm logged in (with normal user account or mod/admin, doesn't matter). If i'm on the forum index or in categories, it's ok (doesn't refresh), but when I open topics, read them, scrolling up and down, at random time, the tab freeze then is refreshed. Sometimes it loop refreshes (3-4 times) until browser gives me this message:


This page is having a problem loading
We tried to load this page for you a few times, but there is still a problem with this site. We know you have better things to do than to watch this page reload over and over again so try coming back to this page later.

I tried to browse this forum, or other forums with IPS 4.3.2 but here the issue doesn't appear. It happens only in my forums topics (like:  http://pctroubleshooting.ro/topic/39501-cum-gasesc-un-telefon-samsung-pierdutfurat/ or http://pctroubleshooting.ro/topic/39504-licenta-microsoft-office-sau-alternative-gratuite/ or others).

I tried browsing my forum topics with Firefox or Chrome and from my tests the problem doesn't appear. It appears only in Microsoft Edge, only on my forum (that's annoying) and only if i'm logged in.

P.S: Yesterday my Windows 10 was upgraded to version 1083 about which I read that would have some problems.

Do you think it's a browser issue, or a particularly bug with IPS/my forum?
Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Thank you!

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I've been using Edge on 1803 for weeks (I use the release preview branch). I haven't had any issues with things loading, the only issue I have is that copy & paste doesn't always seem to work (requiring something is copied multiple times before it'll work).

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